Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Importance of Community

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I had the chance to say a few words to the congregation on Sunday. I tried my best to express how crucial their role was over the course of my journey. On May 22nd I was sent out of Sacred Church annointed by God and also a cloud of witnesses. For this reason I was able to travel for almost 6 months by myself and yet never feel lonely. It's a paradox that's hard to explain. Knowing that this community and many others were following the words that I wrote and responding with prayer, was a daily source of comfort.

I also wanted to communicate that I never questioned whether I would return to Camden. My journey presented my senses with some beautiful things. Yet I realized that beauty is a very personal thing. Camden and the community of people that I have found there reflect to me the Kingdom of God...which I have found to be more attractive than anything else.

Lastly I am truly grateful for the way people have financially contributed to the 'healing of Camden'. Over $30,000 has been raised. This money will go towards efforts that allow the people of the Waterfront South neighborhood breathe air that is as fresh and clean as the air that I took into my lungs throughout this country. It's ultimately a matter of loving our neighbor...the second greatest commandment.


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