Monday, November 07, 2005


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I spent Sunday biking from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica. The water was full of surfers, braving the chilly ocean in search of any swell they could find. I met a kid from Rhode Island at a hostel in Santa Barbara who said that the water is in the 50's...luckily he brought his thick wet suit that he uses in the Atlantic.
One of the more interesting stretches was through Malibu. I picked up a copy of the Malibu Times Magazine to study up on local culture. I read a very interesting article entitled, "Pet Palaces". It highlights a pet boarding facility where dogs can play on Astroturf-carpeting (flushed hourly for cleanliness), nap on Ultrasuede beds, have a massage or enjoy aroma therapy, or work out on a treadmill immersed in warm water.
It's scary that there's such disparity between the people of this world/country...but it's even scarier when I consider where I am on the spectrum.


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