Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mexican Fiesta

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After the parking lot celebration Fr. Michael, Andrea, and I walked across the border into Tijuana, Mexico to make it offically a three country journey...U.S., Canada and Mexico. We were in search of the best fish tacos we could find. All of a sudden the fella with us in this picture, Pepe, welcomed us into his restaurant, bicycle and all. We asked if he had fish tacos and his answer was, "The best!"...we had found the spot.

We toasted the occasion with Tequila and Corona. Fr. Michael got a kick out of the Tequila shot ritual, with the salt and the lime...but he learned quickly. He said, "So I lick the salt like a deer?" I mentioned that Corona translates to 'crown' in Spanish. Father lifted his glass and said, "To the crowned prince of cylcing." I'm not sure if I deserve such a title but in the grandeur of the moment I gratefully took it in. As I sat at the table it felt like the whole world was celebrating the moment...it was anything but anti-climatic (which I had thought it might be). At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and I realized that we were the only ones in the place, but as soon as I sat down again, I was consumed again by the 'cosmic celebration'. And for the record, the fish tacos were "the best" as Pepe promised.


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