Tuesday, November 15, 2005

San Diego...The Final Stretch

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I was greeted Wednesday night in San Diego by a friend named Helene, who is the executive director of the Heart of Camden (our neighborhood's non-profit housing ministry). Her daughter was wearing a bright yellow shirt that said, "Camden Will Heal---Jeremy's Journey 2005" (a shirt you will see a lot in the pictures I am posting). Helene gave me the king's treatment and took care of all the details to make the celebration special.

Thursday afternoon my housemates Elissa and Andrea arrived from Camden. Thanks to their encouragement I mustered up enough courage to plunge into that chilly water that I had been looking at since October 4th when I reached the coast. It was good to feel the power of the Pacific as the three of us body surfed. They were also committed to joining me for the final 30 miles of my trip into Mexico. I finished my ride the way I started...surrounded by my community.

Thursday night, Father Michael Doyle arrived from Sacred Heart. He's a man who believes strongly in honoring milestones. He is also knows the importance of manifesting the spiritual into the physical...a man of sacrament if you will. As such, he flew across the country to be physically present to celebrate the end of the journey. His presence meant a lot to me. When I came out to greet him he embraced me and kissed on the cheek 'Godfather' style, saying in his Irish brogue, "Now look at you, still in one piece...and these are the legs that carried you all this way."


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