Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Washing of the Feet

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As I mentioned earlier, Fr. Michael doesn't take milestones lightly. As such, he wanted my entrance into Sacred Heart Church on Sunday to be as special as my exit. He told me to show up for mass late with my bike and wait for him to announce my arrival after the homily.

I showed up late waited outside the church. Two photographers from local papers were waiting for me. One was a Dominican fella who works for the local Catholic paper. I remember him from the day I left the church on May 22nd. He brought his whole family to meet me. He had me posing with his sons and gave them strict instructions to tell all their friends about me. I felt like a celebrity.

This picture is the only way I can describe my reception from the congregation on Sunday. I walked down the aisle with my bike surrounded by smiling, welcoming faces...is was like being consumed by a cloud of love. Father had me sit down and he washed my feet..."the very feet that pushed the pedals for 7,100 miles". It was a humbling and honoring moment.


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